FHAKD has been operational since June, 2001 with focus on HIV/AIDS and Kidney failure outreach and support services programs aimed at promoting, awareness, prevention, counseling and testing. FHAKD disseminates information on current findings regarding HIV/AIDS and ESRD management and treatment to the public around Essex, Union and Middlesex counties in New Jersey.

We have been very active in Elizabeth, Newark, Plainfield, Woodbridge, New Brunswick and Edison since the inception of the foundation three years ago & evidenced by our activities with St Josephs social services working with homeless people and partner organizations such as Brothers and Sisters Organization.

Through these partnerships FHAKD continues to work with people with drug problems, the Boys and Girls club of New Jersey, the Divata Dialysis center in Edison and Perth Amboy - clients with transportation problems.

FHAKD maintains a linkage agreement with ESCT Newark which allows ESCT NewarK to provide clinical laboratory services to our clients. FHAKD continues to engage in the desimination of HIV/AIDS & Kidney Failure related literature & pamphlets on targeted streets in areas of its operation since its inception.

Three of FHAKD's own certified home-aid volunteers (with 15 years experience) provide assistance 16 hours a week each to care for our dialysis patients who live alone. There are currently thirteen clients on this program. Concurrently, FHAKD works with hundreds of HIV/AIDS and ESRD patients and numerous high risk individuals.

Our activities include the provision of referral information for testing, counseling and treatment of high risk persons and the general public. Our Outreach Program's are carried out via lectures at health fairs, and at other programs organized by other agencies (like anti drug use, Heart and diabetic organizations) working on other vices that put persons at risk of HIV infection and kidney failure in danger of.

We have erected reading material centers in Divata dialysis centers at Plainfield and Perth Amboy. This program is aimed at breaking the monotony of television watching by patients during treatment and the boredom of waiting by the care givers who bring them to the centers.

We install condom vending machines within our areas of operation aimed at reducing the impact of the spread of HIV/AIDS infection among the residents of New Jersey area caused by high risk sexual behavior. We distribute Condoms and HIV/AIDS testing information as part of our voluntary counseling and testing program to the general public at no cost in our effort to promote reduction in HIV infections and encourage screening.

FHAKD Inc. provides transportation for poor kidney failure patients and encourages frank and open discussions on HIV/AIDS and kidney failure related topics among the populace.

Daniel Okengwu. B.Sc. (microbial) Dip.(public health admin.) EMT-B President/Chief Executive Officer.FHAKD Inc.